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Cooplands Plant Based Favourites Range showing a photo of a vegan cheese sandwich, vegan pizza and vegan steak bake

Cooplands launches it’s new ‘Plant-based Favourites’ range across its 170+ shops in the first week of January 2021. The range offers more choices than ever before for those looking to cut back on their meat and dairy consumption in the new year, without having to sacrifice taste and the great value Cooplands’ customers expect.

Flexitarian pasty fans will be delighted to know they can still get their Cooplands’ signature mouth-watering flaky pastry with vegan-friendly fillings. Cooplands’ plant-based savouries range includes a Vegan Sausage Roll, Vegan Steak Bake and a Cheeze & Vegetable Bake, made with Violife’s EPIC Mature Cheddar flavour. These are baked fresh throughout the day in shop, on separate trays to the meat-based pasties. Other lunch choices include the new tantalising Cheeze & Pickle Sandwich and Vegan Pizza Slice, which both use Violife’s cheese alternatives.

Cooplands are also catering to those with a sweet tooth, with the first vegan-friendly cream cake to hit the UK’s high street. The Vegan Devonshire Split is made with a pillowy soft sweet bun, filled with tangy strawberry jam and whipped cream alternative from the makers of Elmlea’s plant cream. Customer favourites, Ginger Squares and Iced Fingers continue to be available all year round and always vegan-friendly.

Belinda Youngs Cooplands CEO said, “We are committed to creating great food that everyone can enjoy whether they’re meat lovers, flexitarian, dairy-free or vegan.

“We’ve worked hard to create our vegan range that packs in all the flavour and that tastes so good, it would be hard to tell the difference or miss the meat.”

Cooplands Plant-based Favourites range in full:

  • Vegan Sausage Roll - £1
  • Vegan steak bake - £1.50
  • Cheeze & Vegetable bake - £1.50
  • Vegan pizza slice - £1.55
  • Cheeze & Pickle Sandwich - £1.65
  • Vegan Devonshire Split - £1.15
  • Ginger Square 4 pack - £1.15
  • Iced finger – 70p
Cheeze  Pickle Sandwich
Cheeze  Vegetable bake
Vegan Devonshire Split
Vegan pizza slice
Vegan steak bake