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Our food care packages just got better!

Deliveries from Tuesday 19th May will now include six hearty meals, made by us at our bakeries. The meals are already made and just require heating up at home. 

We pack our food parcels full of fresh products such as potatoes and carrots to go with your main meal. We also include food staples such as bread, milk and rice and a few treats to put a smile on your face too!

The food care packages are priced at £35, including delivery to your doorstep, to reduce the need for you to travel to the shops. 

We use our own fleet of delivery drivers and vans to deliver the parcels, so that we can ensure they arrive with you safely and at their best. Therefore, we can only deliver to locations within a 10-mile radius of our bakery production sites in Hull, Durham and Scarborough.

From 18th May a typical food care package includes:

Beef Casserole Meal x 2 Tomatoes (approx. 4) Ginger Parkin Biscuits (4 pack)
Savoury Mince Meal x 2 Cucumber (half) A Chocolate Loaf Cake
Chicken Curry Meal x 2 Lettuce (whole) Semi Skimmed Milk (4 pint)
Rice Sliced Ham (130g) Baked Beans (2 cans)
A Small Sliced White Loaf Pork Sausages (12 pack) Apples (approx. 2)
Scotch Rolls (6 pack) Bacon (400g) Oranges (approx. 2)
Mature Cheddar (145g) Eggs (6 pack) Cheese Straws (5 pack)
Potatoes (approx. 6) Steak Pies (2) Sausage Rolls (4 pack)
Carrots (approx. 6) Sultana Scones (4 pack)  

To order your food package please click here

Beef Casserole Meal
Chicken Curry Meal
Savoury Mince Meal