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PASTYlicious offers at Cooplands


What makes a Cooplands savoury so PASTYlicious? It’s the choice of mouth watering fillings. It’s the perfect flaky pastry made in our bakery. It’s the fact we bake them fresh in shop all day, everyday. It’s our handcrafted traditional pies made to our own recipe. Even better, you can grab 2 of our freshly baked pies or pasties for £3. View our PASTYlicious pie & pasty range, here.

What makes a Cooplands bacon roll so IRRESISTAbutty? It’s the thick cut rashers of crispy bacon. It’s the fact that we bake our own soft scotch rolls in our bakery. It’s the dollop of proper HP brown sauce or Heinz Ketchup. At £2.20, it’s probably the best value bacon butty on the high street. Find out about our IRRESISTAbutty breakfast offering, here. 

What makes a Cooplands sandwich so SARNIEsentational? It’s because we make them just how you like them. It’s the great choice of tasty fillings and the choice of your favourite rolls from subs, baguettes or scotch rolls baked by us. Choose any freshly made sandwich, a choice of snack and a drink for only £4. View our SARNIEsentational sandwich range, here. 

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Other News Category

Other News Category

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