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Cooplands continue to recognise the importance of high quality training and set up their own bakery college within the bakery site in Hull and take on their first of 16 apprentices.

The business grows rapidly as it acquires Woodhead’s bakery in Scarborough, Ainsley’s in Leeds and Peters Cathedral Bakers in the North East. This brings to total number of shops to over 145, supplied to from 3 bakeries.

Presently, Cooplands employ over 1,500 people and remain a family owned company. Paul Coopland, the founders’ great grandson, is still Managing Director and is very much active with the day-to-day running of the business. His wife also works in the company.

Popular products today include sausage rolls and made to order sandwiches. Cooplands continue to be committed to making high quality products, with a large proportion of products still being finished by hand. They still produce their famous pork pies every Christmas.