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Cooplands employee shines at the National Bakery Awards

Staff from Cooplands Bakery enjoyed an evening of celebration at the first ever National Bakery awards. Open to all bakeries throughout the UK, the National Bakery Awards are a coveted prize for the acknowledgement of the skills and achievements of both individuals and businesses operating in the industry. 

Our Junior Chargehand, Christina Gibbons, was the well-deserved recipient for the ABIM Young Baker of the Year Award. Having sailed through the ranks since starting her apprenticeship with Cooplands in 2011, impressing both her superiors and colleagues, it’s very much deserved.  

Award winner Christina said:

“I’m ecstatic to have won the award, it’s great to get some recognition. A lot of people don’t realise how much hard work and dedication it takes to ensure our products are of the best quality, taste and value. I love working here and feel that I've been able to flourish and grow since starting 8 years ago.” 

At the BAFTAs
Christina and her award
Receiving the prize