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Cooplands has become one of the first high street bakery chains to sell 100 percent vegan bread and rolls. 

Cooplands freshly baked bread and rolls are made with none of the animal fats, dairy, eggs or honey that can often be found in shop-bought breads. The bread is made to a traditional recipe, with just high protein flour, water, salt and yeast as the base. Variants include white, wholemeal, scotch and country grain.

CEO Belinda Youngs commented: “At Cooplands we put our customers’ needs at the heart of our bakery operations. We know that many shoppers want to be really sure that the bread products that they are buying are 100 per cent vegan and that’s why we are delighted to be the first high street bakery to be able to offer this to all our customers every day.”

Veganuary will be a months to show of the vegan vegan products in shops. Pop in after Christmas to see the range.