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An update for our customers

With the Covid-19 situation, society is changing rapidly and you will have heard some food outlets have closed their doors; McDonalds, Pret, Costa, Starbucks and Greggs.

These food outlets are quick-service restaurants or coffee shops with seating and are not comparable to local community bakers. They are also largely in town and city centres as well as travel hubs that are now largely empty.

We have closed our cafes and stopped our Food To Go Van routes to divert them in the coming days to delivering food in the community to those vulnerable people unable to get to us. I also took the decision yesterday to close those town and city centre stores that are not within a community to focus all our attention on our neighbourhood shops that serve the local community.

As our world gets smaller for a while, and now the country is in lockdown for 3 weeks at least, the local neighbourhood bakers will play an even more critical part in community support. We are far more in the community neighbourhoods than any of those food outlets I mentioned and we will continue to serve them as long as we safely can.

We are in the final stages of planning and organizing local deliveries, partnering with milkmen and women, managing call and collect where people can pay over the phone and have their order ready for them as well as contacting local care homes, retirement homes, doctors surgeries to deliver bread for them. We are also sourcing other staples temporarily to help people locally, items we wouldn’t traditionally sell to help people around the corner.

While our role in serving our communities through these dark times is very important, the safety of our staff remains paramount in our minds and we are making decisions daily to support them in all areas, production, administration, drivers and shop staff. Our hygiene standards are very high and we continue to add to these. In recent days we have made several decisions related to social distancing and I will continue to review all decisions daily as the situation evolves. Their safety will be central to those decisions.

As I told them all yesterday, I am so proud of all they do every day in serving their communities.

Belinda Youngs CEO