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From 2018, we are required by law to report on our Gender Pay Gap information.

This information was based on a snapshot date of 5th April 2017 and calculated in accordance with Government guidelines.  The bonus measure takes into account the twelve months to this date.

At Cooplands, we pay the same rate of pay for the same job, irrespective of race or gender. Our company structure is split between manufacture and retail, the majority of our staff being employed in retail.   

This structure is responsible for the gender pay gap figures reported below. The majority of manufacturing jobs are full-time posts mainly held by male employees. A large proportion of retail staff hold part-time positions and are predominantly held by female employees. This is not as a result of our recruitment policy, but a reflection of the mix of application numbers.

 Difference in hourly rate of pay – Mean  19.2%
 Difference in hourly rate of pay – Median  14.0%
 Difference in bonus pay – Mean  19.1%
 Difference in bonus pay- Median  84.4%
 Proportion of gender receiving bonus pay  7.7% Male           24.4% Female

Employees by pay Quartile

 Upper Quartile  45.7% Male  54.3% Female
 Upper Middle Quartile  20.8% Male  79.2% Female
  Lower Middle Quartile  1.9% Male  98.1% Female
 Lower Quartile  14.6% Male  85.4% Female